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Thailand needs more than a poll

Jun 07. 2018
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Re: “Despite stacked odds, election is essential”, Editorial, June 5.

The article makes clear to me – although it does not spell it our or perhaps even think it – that an ejection of the junta and its surrogates through the totally rigged “election” the junta is devising is all but impossible.

The “election”, when it eventually comes, will serve one purpose only: to keep the current power-holders in power. Otherwise it will not be held.

The Thai people will find themselves in a situation (actually, they are already in it) where following the fake rules set down by a fake government will get them nowhere.

With the deepest regret, I can only see one way for the Thais to take their country back. And it won’t be pretty, if it occurs. 


Partaking in an election that is already rigged will be a mistake. No party should enter the race, and the world will be left with a clear view of the extent to which the military has rigged the system. The referendum on the constitution stands as a lesson. The majority voted for it so it MUST stay. The next election is now electing a government for the next 20 plus years! Beware.


They can rig the election campaign as much as they wish. If there is a widely held anti-junta opinion, it will be shown in the poll results.

However, a key question remains: Will the voting and counting occur without external observers, as was the case for the referendum? Since the high number of candidates and the changing numbering will be quite confusing as well for ballot-count rigging, we can expect a long delay before the results of elections are announced.


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