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Another bad Apple in the bunch

Jun 14. 2018
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Is anyone else sick to the back teeth of Apple’s unethical marketing of iPhone applications?

What I am talking about is a pop-up advertisement offering a free application. You download it, and then get an email telling you to enjoy you’re the first month’s free trial after which you will be charged $X a month.

Here is the latest gobbledygook from Apple and I quote verbatim:  “This email confirms your order of the following subscription with a free trial of 3 months.  You are not charged for the free trial period, but when your 1 month subscription automatically renews on July 13, 2018, you will be billed $9.99 for the period.”

Can anyone make sense of this?  A free trial period of three months, but they will start charging me in one month’s time.

The other thing is the extreme difficulty in cancelling subscriptions like this.  The above example included a website for confirmation or cancellation, but when you click on it, it takes you all over the place, but nowhere near anything that says you want to cancel the subscription that you unwittingly walked into.

I won’t fall for your tricks again, bad Apple.

David Brown

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