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Vegans still fantasise about meat

Jun 29. 2018
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Browsing around in a bookstore one day, I noticed vegan cookbooks featuring a juicy hamburger on the covers. I did a double take. 

Curious, I thumbed through one of them and find a section showing how to make imitation beef and chicken from wheat gluten and tofu. It also showed how to make fake dairy foods from soya beans and corns. It even showed how to make imitation beef patties that bleed! 

So it dawned on me that vegans do enjoy animal products, but won’t admit it. So what’s the point of touting veganism when you can’t take your mind off meat and dairy foods?

Vegans who eat fake animal products are like monks who took a vow of celibacy but keep an inflatable doll in their sleeping quarters. 

Somsak Pola

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