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Fact, not scare-mongering: we are eating our way to global starvation

Jul 02. 2018
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Due to the overpopulation of the human race, we are all living in a world where wars will rage over food and water shortages.

Because of the wasteful use of arable land for animal agriculture, animal feed, water, resources and the use of toxic chemicals on our monoculture crops, bees and useful insects are being wiped out. 

Growing food for animals is counterproductive and inefficient. 

Seed banks hold the solution, as there are more than 7,000 unutilised crop species, many of which are drought and climate extreme resistant and could flourish, to feed humans directly, with no food wastage.  If we all continue to eat animal products, Dr Frank, we are ensuring world starvation on an unprecedented scale.

Diane Cornelius

South Australia

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