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Locked elevators still barring access to Skytrain 

Jul 15. 2018
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Can anyone explain to me clearly why the elevators are locked at some BTS stations and unlocked at others?

At some BTS stations, such as Onnut, the elevator doors are locked on one side of the platform and unlocked on the other side. The elevators are to serve the needs of the disabled, the elderly, pregnant women or those with strollers. In what way is this serving the needs of any of these people?

I use a walking stick and find it difficult to stand for extended  periods. At times I have had to wait at a locked door for up to 10 minutes and on one occasion a BTS official told me I would have to wait for another five minutes. I do not understand why I and others should have to wait at all. In what way is this providing a service?

Fred Ligon

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