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Obama ignored Russian meddling since he assumed Clinton would win  

Jul 23. 2018
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Re: “Consider the facts – there is strong evidence of treason”, Have Your Say, July 20.

Mr Bahrt, next time you ask us to consider “the facts”, please try to get them right. You say 12 Russians have been indicted for meddling in the 2016 US presidential election. That is correct, except that the meddling actually occurred on the watch of President Obama, not that of President Trump. Eastern European and US intelligence agencies repeatedly warned President Obama that the Russians were meddling in the US election. What did Obama do in response? Nothing! While Rome burned Obama slept. Why did he do nothing? He simply did not want to rock the boat when, according to all the polls, Hillary Clinton was poised to win the election.

Alf Haupt 

Chon Buri

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