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Claws out for an advocate of animal cruelty

Jul 24. 2018
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Everything I have written about Robin Grant is true. He’s extremely dishonest and never man enough to admit when he’s proven wrong.

For example, he continued to repeat his vicious lie that PETA believes people’s pets should be released into the wild, even after I proved over and over again that he was lying.

What he does, in typical Donald Trump fashion, is he pretends he didn’t say what he very clearly said and thus questions my integrity.

While this cruel man has defended every animal abuse imaginable: eating meat, elephant abuse, fox hunting, fishing, etc, he has never written one word against animal cruelty. Not one!

I know I get nasty at times. But I believe a man should be straight forward about his beliefs and not hide behind fancy language, pitiful attempts at humour and euphemisms and then deny what everyone knows he said.

Eric Bahrt

Chiang Mai

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