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Not what I said – or what I hoped for

Jul 27. 2018
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Re: “Accusation of child abuse was a low blow indeed”, “... make that three low blows”, Have Your Say, July 25.

I knew it! Have Your Say’s liberal snowflakes can’t take their own medicine, can they? Even though my suggestion of their support of child abuse was a direct logical consequence of their diatribes against me, and even though I clearly stated it in hypothetical terms, it was too much for their wafer-thin skins.

As I have implored countless times on this page, can we PLEASE, pretty please with honey on it, elevate the quality of debate on this page and cut out this tiresome personal abuse? Why can’t we all pursue the kind of dignified exchange of alternative views that I enjoy with Robin Grant? Why can’t we use the template I provided as a New Year gift (“Guidelines for a more courteous Have Your Say in 2018”, December 26).

Apology? Forget it, Dr Frank, Ordsall, Noah. You are certainly NOT getting one. If you direct low blows at me, you will get low blows back, with interest. Have a nice day!

Nigel Pike

Phang Nga 


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