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Time to raise the ceilings in the White House

Aug 06. 2018
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Re: “Melania praises LeBron James after president’s insult”, World, August 16.

This article gives us the ideal candidate to oppose Donald Trump in the 2020 US presidential campaign: LeBron James.

The [US] Democrats are sadly bereft of viable candidates to challenge Bulldozer Trump. Who would be better than “King” James? He’s big, he’s black, he’s a winner. People may scoff at the idea of a basketball player running for president, but hey, we’ve elected a peanut farmer, a B-movie actor, a community organiser (whatever that is) and, most recently, a con man. What’s wrong with a basketball player?

This would give the US a head of state whose very bulk would intimidate every other leader in town. Bad Vlad, Li’l Jong, that Turkish guy and that Iranian guy would all tremble in their booties before LeBron’s majestic massiveness.  

Critics may object that LeBron isn’t smart enough to be president, but he may be a lot smarter than anybody thinks. Besides, you don’t need to be smart to be president. Ronald Reagan proved that. All you need to be is smart enough to pick the right people to run the country while you take naps. Let’s hear it for “the King”, people. LeBron James for US president in 2020!  

Yankee Doodle

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