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Assurances on flooding fail to allay fears

Aug 07. 2018
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Re: ’No repeat of devastating 2011 floods’, The Nation, August 3, 2018

If it rains too much then it will flood. The end.


Famous last words.


No, the committee will stop it. Those natty new windcheater jackets, with the logos, new i-Pads and meetings in resort hotels are remarkably effective you know...


It doesn’t need a committee, just the man in charge to invoke Article 44, banning flooding.

You know it makes sense.


Not that we don’t believe the government statement, but madam is going today to reserve our sand and sandbags at the Village Office.


Same every year ... wait till it starts flooding and have some meetings and tell agencies what they should do! They should have already done it and been prepared for what is to come!


I’ve just launched the lifeboat


When they say “Don’t worry”...I worry!


They sent planes up to make it rain, maybe they should send them up again to make it stop?


If they start releasing water now, things won’t be too bad because now they can still drain a lot. Have all of the time to drain water. That was something they did not do in 2011. In 2011, they held the water in to save some rice and when they finally released it was too late and there were also high tides that stopped draining of the water. 

It all depends if those that are in control of the dam are proactive or not. 

Seems they do this time. This, however, does not mean there won’t be flooding just that it probably will not come to my place this year. 

As I said before, I dislike the 20-year plan but I would have applauded it if they had made a 20-year plan for dams and waterways because now every goverment trashes the previous one’s plan and not much gets done.


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