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Lost in transition: Gender evolution can be funny and infuriating

Aug 07. 2018
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Re: “Transgender Miss Universe hopeful adds to ludicrous trend”, Have Your Say, August 7.

I cannot hope to match Nigel Pike’s examples of gender-identity idiocy, but will try by providing two examples, one funny, the other not at all funny. 

At a recent “London Pride” march, a group of lesbians caused consternation and outrage among the organisers and other participants by demonstrating against the presence of “transwomen” in the parade who claimed to be lesbians. Apparently transwomen are defined as men who “identify” as women. The demonstrating lesbians were incensed by the desire of these transwomen to have sex with lesbians, and I can sympathise with them – the female lesbians, that is – not least because apparently some of these transwomen retain their, ahem, male physical characteristics.

Meanwhile in Scotland, the useless and incompetent devolved and pro-independence government is considering proposals by which teachers would tell first-year primary-school children (around five years old) that they can choose their own gender. This proposal is pernicious and borders on the insane, and it is to be hoped that outrage among parents will be at such a level to ensure that it is never implemented. 

By the way, the non-acronym LGBT is now sometimes expanded to LBGTQI, to include “queer” and “intersex”. Don’t ask. I don’t know and don’t want to know. Already it’s all too much to cope with.

Robin Grant



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