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‘Savage letters’ and ‘loathsome dingbats’

Aug 08. 2018
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Re: “A pattern of untruths”, Have Your Say, August 8

I am envious. Last Monday, I observed that I was the “most abused and loathed contributor to Have Your Say”, but I must reluctantly pass the “Loathsome Dingbat” crown (sponsored by Dr Frank) to fellow writer HHB. His August 6 letter concerning the sale of dead baby parts incited vitriolic wrath from Egon of an intensity rarely seen on this page. According to the irascible Egon, HHB’s “heinous lies” make him “one of the most despicable human beings I ever read, a lowlife without peer even I wouldn’t touch with tongs”. Congratulations, HHB. 

My feeble efforts may as well have been written by Mary Poppins.

The “savage letters” bar has been raised. Fellow writers – does your prose meet the Have Your Say “tongs” test?

Nigel Poppins-Pike

Phang Nga

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