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Gentlemanly manners will be repaid

Aug 12. 2018
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Seemingly having too much time on his hands, Nigel Pike emphatically proves the old aphorism that the devil makes work for idle hands.

In pursuit of low standards, yet still failing to meet them, Nigel’s taste for the asinine is absolutely bereft of parameters. 

Ever the one to whinge about his treatment here ad nauseam, he slips effortlessly into Gertrude mode and complains about his self-inflicted wounds. “Loathsome” dingbat, Nigey? Not content to leave it at that, he offers comfort to a fellow wielder of the acidic pen, HHB, a sporadic attack dog also not shy of gratuitous invective on those occasions when his/her head emerges from ’neath that stone. 

Now, I’m writing this slowly as these worthies seem to be a tad relaxed when reading unaided. I would helpfully advise them to do as follows, as their remorseless negativity could be removed in an instant: Treat all contributors as you would wish to be treated yourselves, ladies/gentlemen. Do so, and the courtesy will be reciprocated. Yes, even by me. However, if you insist on stubbornly dipping what passes for your minds into the puerile wells of extremism and rank intolerance, you will continue to be chastised by the right-minded, and justly so. While we’re about it, some of the above also applies to those busybodies constantly poking their noses into other folks’ dietary preferences. Metaphorically, at the very least.

Dr Frank

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