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Depiction of Ayatollah hurtful to global Muslim population

Aug 16. 2018
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Re: Cartoon, Opinion and Analysis, August 9.

While appreciating constructive cooperation between the Iranian Embassy and The Nation, regrettably we were surprised by the cartoon published on August 9. We would like to share with you some comments. 

The gist and content of the editorial show that the newspaper has a good understanding of global issues, which has become more crucial as the current US president – as a unilateralist tycoon – attempts to neglect the rights of other dwellers on our Earth.

The title of the said cartoon is “US sanction against Iran” and it’s partially true and shows the tyrannous and cruel behaviour of President Donald Trump towards Iranian people, as well as depicting the side-hits on EU based on the cartoonist’s analysis. But disappointingly, another part of the cartoon contains an absolute false picture of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran. He is displayed in a totally distorted form without considering the sensitive fact that Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei is not only the Supreme leader of Iran but also the spiritual leader for millions of Muslims throughout the world, including in Thailand.  

Unfortunately this cartoon has rendered the same baseless and ridiculous accusations that have been echoed in the recent hostile rhetoric of US secretary of state against the Iran supreme leader. It is in line with US endeavours to destabilise Iran for decades, even before the Islamic Revolution, including conducting a coup against the democratic government of Iran in 1953.

So, while conveying serious criticism, we hereby express our expectation that this fault be rectified in order to assuage the hurt sentiments of the Muslim community, and that appropriate measures be taken to prevent a repetition of such unconstructive approaches. 

Our embassy is ready to cooperate with your respected colleagues for further clarification. 

Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran

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