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Let’s pin down what constitutes ‘nuts’

Aug 17. 2018
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Re: “Let’s pin down this PETA policy”, Have Your Say, August 13.

The astonished Eric Bahrt claims that, when I wrote that PETA thinks dogs and cats should be left to their own devices in the wild, I really meant they want to release our pets to the wild. Not at all. In fact, my words closely mirror, and convey the same meaning, as the quote by PETA’s president, Ingrid Newkirk, who said that, one day, dogs would pursue their natural lives in the wild. 

Mr Bahrt therefore seems to be arguing that Ms Newkirk, and therefore I presume the organisation she presides over, do indeed want to release our pets to the wild, irrespective of what blandishments regarding pet ownership might appear on PETA’s website. This is the premise Mr Bahrt has all along been denying, so it seems he’s a trifle confused.

One of us in this exchange of views may indeed be “nuts”, but I don’t think it’s me. 

This conclusion is bolstered by a letter from Mr Bahrt published this morning in which he subjects Egon to vitriolic abuse simply 

for expressing his opinions on a very interesting subject worthy of an informed, mature and intelligent debate, but not childish tantrums.

Robin Grant

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