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Helping the young stay fit and enjoy it

Aug 18. 2018
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By The Nation

Alongside promoting skills like running, catching and throwing, strength and core fitness, the Virgin Active Crew programme also works on the psychological development of young people children, such as increasing self-confidence and learning about teamwork in its special classes designed for children between the ages of seven to 15.

Another benefit of the programme for young people is that it allows parents and their kids to get fit at the same place and be inspired by one another.

To celebrate Mother’s Day last Sunday, Virgin Active Crew, invited mum and children to join a yoga class where they were encouraged to embrace movements like animals or trees as well as experience different types of innovative health and fitness programmes.

Active Crew was launched in 1999 in the UK. It is a world-class programme that uses the latest training techniques and innovative equipment to help children improve their basic skills and develop fitness habits that last a lifetime. 

Virgin Active EastVille, Bangkok, which opened two years ago, is the first club in Southeast Asia to offer this programme, which can be tailored and customised to the age and capability of the child. Younger kids start with classes that improve basic skills such as running, throwing and catching, while older kids get to try out exciting equipment including ViPR and TRX. 

There are four interactive zones. The Digital Zone helps children improve their coordination skills and reaction timings. This integrated technology allows kids to enjoy it so much that they do not realise they are exercising. It’s home to the EyePlay station is an interactive game projected onto a floor, creating a fun and exciting experience for everyone while engaging them to jump and run about for an elevated heart rate, and the Three Kick game, which allows children to have fun kicking and punching in a safe environment. The foam pads on the machine have indicative lights that go off once it has been hit, and help train one’s reaction timing and speed as well as promoting hand eye co-ordination. It can be played individually or in competition with others. 

The Vertical Zone emphasises activities that will help a child build strength and coordination and includes a trampoline, monkey bars and a climbing wall. Coaching gives kids an insight into the importance of keeping fit on a regular basis. For example, the coach will help instruct correct posture while jumping on a trampoline, an activity that should ideally be done 20 minutes a day to help boost strength. The climbing wall is concentrated on the horizontal directions because the children are still young. This session helps build patience, decision-making skills and focus. 

The Grid 360 Zone is a multipurpose area for various classes, led by professionally qualified instructors. These classes include “Born to Move”, a patented programme by Les Mills, an exercise programme with fun music. The movements are a combination of zumba and body combat, designed exclusively for kids. “SAQ” (Speed, Agility and Quickness) is a programme used to train world-class athletes such as Andy Murray and the Manchester United football team. This special programme brings a mixture of fun movements. Specialist coaches support and teach them how to run, catch, throw and jump, helping them to develop coordination, balance and confidence in movement. 

The Learn Zone a relaxing area where kids can read, play board games, or do their homework while waiting for their parents.

Virgin Active members can register their children for Active Crew at Virgin Active EastVille, weekends from 3pm to 8pm and 9am to 6pm on weekends and public holidays. For more information, please visit or call (02) 017 9755.


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