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When did fighting for freedom become an act of terrorism?

Aug 22. 2018
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Re: “The problem in defining terrorism”, Have Your Say, August 22.

I must make sure that there is a correction of a serious misreading by Dr Frank. My letter stated the very opposite of the “all Muslims are terrorists” misquote.

Reading comprehension, fifth grade level, sir.

Regarding the definition of what terrorism is and the old, worn-out and mostly senseless cliche that “one’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter”, the equation is way simpler. 

In our case, violence against civilians in the name of religion is terrorism. The vans trying to run over passers-by in London or Barcelona, the murder of journalists and Jewish schoolchildren in France, the attacks against mass transit passengers in Moscow and Madrid, blowing up civilians on buses and cafes in Jerusalem – whose freedom fighters are those who commit such heinous acts?

The main problem in fighting terrorism 21st century-style is the obsession with political correctness. Profiling is not regarded as acceptable, despite its obvious potential benefits against the scourge of our era.

Andy Leitner

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