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We are living in the era of Muslim terrorism

Aug 28. 2018
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Re: “Unmasking an old propaganda tool for terrorists”, and “Muslim terrorism, Tony Blair and freedom fighting”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

Kudos to the editor for placing the letters by Dr Kanos and Yingwai Suchaovanich side by side, since they belong in the same category. However, the former makes the correct analysis in declaring terrorists’ alleged motives null and void, while the latter makes a feeble case for those very motives. Yingwai tries to justify Muslim violence by offering arguments that hold little water.

The facts speak for themselves and, in our era, all terrorists are Muslims, so much so that anyone who follows the global media knows exactly what the cry “Allahu akbar” means and why it is uttered during attacks. Yingwai cites “non-Muslim” terrorist attacks that took place over 70 years ago, but this is totally irrelevant. Islamic teaching definitely carries a heavy burden of blame, promising paradise complete with 72 virgins to any “shahid” (martyr) – aka someone who has been killed for the “true faith”.

Finally, I find it hopelessly pathetic to try and justify Palestinian acts of terror against Israeli civilians, thousands of whom have been killed or maimed, by the endless recycling of the story of Arab displacement in 1948. Simply read Dr Kanos’s letter to find out why.

Andy Leitner


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