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Musk repeats outrageous insult against cave hero

Aug 29. 2018
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Re: “Elon Musk appears to claim Brit cave hero Vern Unsworth is a ‘paedo’ AGAIN – one month after he apologised for outrageous slur”, The Sun (UK), yesterday.

Poor Elon is in meltdown and seems to have lost the plot. He should concentrate on managing his company rather maligning good people in a malicious manner.

His company Tesla has serious cashflow problems which can rapidly develop into serious debt problems. Orders are being cancelled and production of the Model 3 is falling behind. 


Maybe he has nightmares about his company and his money and he is looking for some distraction. 


Advice my father gave me – don’t get into a pissing contest with a skunk! Musk appears to be unhinged.



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