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Discover yourself in mirrors and questions

Sep 06. 2018
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Siam Discovery has adopted a “Self Discover” theme this month, setting up experimental labs where visitors can literally be themselves – or discover who they are.

A range of activities has been developed to aid in self-reflection, ensuring clarity and precision in the way people regard themselves.

“Mirror and Self: Look to Discover” on G Floor involves peering into nine different types of mirrors, each one reflecting a different dimension of the observer. The exercise helps you see yourself in ways that other people see you. 


Components are mixed to create distinctive portrayals, but only you can decide which of the nine images is the most accurate depiction.

“The David’s: Answer to Discover” on the second floor tests whether you can be honest with yourself through a series of questions posed by a replica of Michelangelo’s famed statue of David. You use augmented-reality stickers to express your answers. 


Part of the fun is finding out if there are individuals with similar combinations of thoughts to yours.

On the first floor is “Who exactly are you? Explore to Discover”. Here, more questions await your responses, this time probing your interests and preferences. Interactive devices are used to answer the psychologically challenging questions and an LED screen will form a likeness of your character, based on your replies, recommending the styles that suit you. 

“Eyes: Look to Discover” on the fourth floor poses a significant question: “When was the last time you saw yourself in the closest and the clearest way?” 


You peer through a microscope and your eyeballs appear massively magnified on a large projection screen. Are your eyes really the windows to your soul?

There are also inspiring “self-talk” sessions with guest speakers sharing their personal stories of self-discovers. On September 9 at 3pm, Anont Thitiprasert will be relating how he became Thailand’s first World Latte Art Champion.

A world-class gaming team is also lined up, as is Peetachai Dechkraisak, founder of Siam Organic and “Chivas Venture” winner. 


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