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UK’s Russian poisoning story has more holes than a Hitchcock script

Sep 09. 2018
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After six months of investigation, UK police have finally come up with two Russian suspects for the March nerve agent attack in Salisbury.

The police produced security camera images of the two suspects strolling around the city like tourists, and alleged that traces of novichok nerve agent were found in their London hotel room.

A familiar scene followed. Prime Minister Theresa May immediately reported the findings to the White House. But Trump made no immediate punitive response, being apparently too busy monitoring whether similar gases are being used in Idlib by Syrian government forces. 

Without due process, PM May condemned Russia the next day in parliament, while colleagues sitting behind her parroted accusations that added to the long list of alleged “criminal offences” committed by Vladimir Putin. 

The findings by UK police are, however, full of holes. Why would these two alleged Russian state agents walk around in public without disguising themselves? Why would they be so careless to leave traces of the deadly nerve agent behind in their hotel room? Were they bottling novichok in their room? And what happened to other guests checking in after them and to the hotel cleaners? Did they fall sick?

Were he still alive, Alfred Hitchcock would have made this mystery-crime-horror drama much more believable.

Yingwai Suchaovanich


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