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As your compassion rises, your cholesterol falls 

Sep 09. 2018
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As always Diane Cornelius (“Canada putting plants on a pedestal”, September 8) does a great job of disputing Robin Grant’s insane claims about the health “benefits” of consuming meat and dairy products.

May I add that the average cholesterol level of an American vegan is 133 (my source is the book “The Food Revolution”) and it’s practically unheard of for someone with a cholesterol level below 150 to get a heart attack. Yet Grant insists that consuming animal products protects the heart.

The truth about Grant is that he doesn’t give a damn about animal rights, human health or the environment and all he wants to do is defend his own gluttonous eating habits.

He doesn’t just trash vegetarians. He also defends elephant riding, wearing fur coats, fox hunting and even clubbing baby seals to death. He then writes horrible lies about people who have dedicated their lives to trying to protect animals from the likes of Robin Grant.

Gandhi said you can judge the moral character of a nation by the way it treats its animals. Imagine what he would have said about Robin Grant!

Eric Bahrt

Chiang Mai

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