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The main targets of Muslim violence are Muslims  

Sep 10. 2018
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Kudos to Nigel Pike for expressing politically incorrect views on Muslim violence. Several column contributors are no doubt sharpening their knives as I type.

May I add that another mind-boggling extension of violence perpetrated with a view to glorifying Allah is the murder in cold blood of other Muslims. Without 

trying to penetrate the complexities of the Sunni-Shi’a divide, one witnesses this incomprehensible bloodletting day in and day out. The victims are Yemeni children on a school bus, worshippers in Iraqi or Pakistani mosques, whole Kurdish villages and a huge percentage of Syria’s non-combatant civilian population, to mention just a few examples. Religious tolerance has never been Islam’s strong asset. Several of its offshoots have been almost annihilated, such as the Druze, the Baha’i and the Ahmadi communities. A great irony of our world today is that all of these groups survived and thrive in Israel.

Andy Leitner

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