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Why is Thailand rushing to legalise marijuana?

Sep 25. 2018
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Re: “Use of Article 44 urged to push marijuana bill”, The Nation, September 24.

I don’t understand why it is getting bogged down in any sort of process. People NEED this drug NOW. Someone needs to take a leap of faith and get it sorted.


Here’s the real rub in all of this.

After so many years of being illegal, why is every country now racing to make it legal?  Either they truly have found some deep and meaningful medical use, or they have finally found a way to tax it.


What amazes me is the rush they are in to make it legal, when alcohol  (or should I say imported wine) is being taxed so heavily.

I don’t know whether it is true or not but some researchers claim that red wine has beneficial properties. Why not make that more readily available by reducing import taxes?


Should Article 44 really be used in a case like this? I wonder if some VIP is in need of medicinal marijuana?


Yaba, or “crazy drug”, is everywhere.

It makes people very aggressive and crazy.

Pot has a calming effect on the user, the opposite of yaba. Everybody should be allowed to grow it in their garden – free.

Historically, marijuana was not illegal and used by natural doctors for thousands of years for benefits that are now being rediscovered. 


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