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Locked-in strategy fuses a time bomb

Sep 28. 2018
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Re: “20-year plan irreversible: PM”, Front page, September 28.

It’s obvious that we need a national strategy. But an inflexible strategy is not a good strategy because the world changes. Twenty years is a long time.

Although the strategy can be reviewed and adjusted every five years, the legal amendment process is daunting and time-consuming because the strategy has been written into law and any change requires a parliamentary endorsement. Furthermore, any non-compliance is legally punishable and can lead to impeachment.

This is the dilemma faced by the country. On the one hand we need a national strategy that sets the path for the future so we can get rid of the middle-income trap and catch up with other developed countries in the region. But, on the other hand, the way the strategy is embedded in the law to discourage political interference is a political time bomb.

Anan Pakvasa

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