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Keyboard gladiator short-circuits in the heat of combat

Oct 03. 2018
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Re: “Trump has only lit the fuse, now watch for the fireworks”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

The selective amnesiac HHB levels charges against me and my occasionally combative approach to the craven invective delivered from behind the safety of his keyboard. I call it as I see it, and I suggest that HHB takes a look back at some of the toxic prose he has fired off previously. Given this, and the tone of his latest missive, the burden of injured innocence must lie heavily on his creaking shoulders.

Instead of blaming the editors for his own shortcomings, I suggest that the sympathy-seeking “elderly gentleman” stops whinging and takes some responsibility for what he throws up here. As he of all people should understand, this forum sometimes bears resemblance to a gladiatorial arena, and some folks get a bit pugilistic in attitude. If HHB can’t handle that and his fragile ego is bruised, he should throw his towel in the ring. 

As for that creative fiction he wrote about Trump, at least his sense of humour hasn’t completely deserted him. 

Dr Frank


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