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Ban on expelling pregnant teens a huge step forward, but…

Oct 15. 2018
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Three chai-yos for the Education Ministry’s ban on expulsion of pregnant students, ordering schools to instead support efforts to continue their education while providing sex education to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Thailand’s rate of teenage pregnancies is the second highest in Southeast Asia, affecting the futures of young parents and our society’s development. With menstruation starting at ages as young as 9, sex education – which must include age-appropriate relationship management, LGBT issues, contraception, sexting, masturbation, etc, and take religious and cultural characteristics into account – should start as early as Prathom 4. Our Public Health Ministry has a programme to reduce teenage pregnancies by half, based on the highly successful Teenage Pregnancy Knowledge Exchange at the University of Bedfordshire. The Education Ministry should collaborate to achieve that goal.

Burin Kantabutra

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