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Fiction or not, Mrs Beasley chooses to keep quiet 

Oct 26. 2018
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Re: “The fictitious Mrs Constance Beasley”, Have Your Say, October 26

I rise to the defence of my friend and neighbour, Mrs Constance Beasley. Michel Muscardier could not possibly have concluded more than 40 years ago that she and her husband are “imaginary figments”, because they haven’t been living in Thailand that long.

Connie may be a little dotty (I’m not going to categorise her husband), but she has a good heart. She does have a problem with acronyms and is sorry if that made her sound disrespectful of Jamal Khashoggi. 

She assures me that the only purpose of her letter was to point out that if the Saudis truly believe in Allah, they will deliver impartial justice to whoever killed Khashoggi and also to whoever may have ordered his killing. She says that if they fail to do so, their own beliefs require them to expect severe punishment. 

Connie herself is a sort of lapsed Presbyterian who thinks that Allah is simply another name for the Christian god, although of course there are conceptual differences. (In fact, “Allah” is not a proper name at all. It’s a title. In Arabic, “al-Lah” means “the God”.)

However that may be, neither of the Beasleys wants to offend readers. To that end, and in view of Muscardier’s obvious disdain, they have both resolved to stop writing letters to this column and to seek out more productive pursuits.

Ye Olde Theologian

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