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PETA playing a long and devious game over pet ownership

Oct 29. 2018
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Re: “Another libellous attack on animal rights defenders”, Have Your Say, October 25

I am well aware of PETA’s declared policy on pet ownership as set out on their website, but dig a little deeper and a different picture begins to emerge. Note this quote from the organisation’s president, Ingrid Newkirk: “Pet ownership is an abysmal situation brought about by human manipulation.” PETA are demanding an end to all dog breeding, and urge pet owners to neuter or spay their animals, which they should only obtain from animal shelters. It doesn’t take much effort to figure out where such a policy would eventually lead. In my opinion, PETA are playing a long and devious game, seeking an eventual end to pet ownership by a strategy of subterfuge and stealth.

Eric Bahrt claims that PETA does not want elephants returned to the wild, but is vehemently opposed to camps where elephants put on shows and give rides to tourists. But the shows and the rides generate much needed income. How will the elephants be looked after if this income disappears, and where will they go, other than back to the wild, as the camps will presumably have to close down? Will we see more of them and their mahouts wandering around Bangkok begging for food? In Africa elephants exist in the wild, and are being slaughtered in vast numbers for their ivory. 

At least in their camps in Thailand they are hopefully safe, and if PETA wants to make a positive impact then surely their priority should be to call for the camps to provide the highest level of animal welfare, rather than agitating for an end to their source of financial support. 

Robin Grant

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