Monday, June 14, 2021


What’s at stake in the US midterm elections

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There are three possible outcomes from next Tuesday’s election: Republicans retain control of both the House and the Senate, Democrats get control of the House, and Democrats get control of both.



1. The first outcome would be an apocalypse, demonstrating that the majority of the American electorate is an ignorant and unprincipled mob (mirroring Donald Trump), and that our democracy has collapsed. Everyone in the country, except the 1 per cent, will be hurt.
Trump and the Republicans will be so emboldened that not only will they again try to destroy the Affordable Care Act, they will also reduce benefits for Medicare and Social Security. The deficit is exploding and they won’t reverse their tax cut for the rich. 
Trump will intensify his pro-violence rhetoric, which will further deepen America’s factional split. White Supremacist domestic terrorism will become commonplace (like mass shootings today). Roe v Wade abortion rights will be reversed. 
Trump will fire Sessions and then Rosenstein and then Mueller. The Russian sabotage of the election, like the Supreme Court sabotage in 2000, will be normalised.
In summary, America will be a kleptocracy run by a super-wealthy mafia. In response, ordinary citizens will take to the streets in even greater numbers and turmoil will ensue.
2. Democrats take the House:
Trump is stopped and becomes a lame duck. There is no significant new legislation.
Many investigations are launched by House committees and the FBI (at the House’s request), including of Trump, his family, and also of Judge Kavanaugh over credible attempted rape allegations.
Mueller stiffens his resolve, issuing potentially dozens of indictments. A large portion of the White House staff resigns. The stock market experiences great volatility, but as soon as it becomes clear that Trump will be removed, it recovers.
3. Democrats take both the House and the Senate:
The Mueller Report either has accompanying indictments, or massive evidence to support impeachment. It is released to the public in its entirety.
Democrats launch the impeachment process.
Trump steps down. His family members and other officials are arrested. He is indicted in Federal and State courts for a multitude of offences.
Kavanaugh is investigated, with the result that he steps down. 
There is also a chance, although small, that the 2016 election result will be declared null and void. At that point, a historic process would be undertaken to reverse all manifestations of Trump’s presidency.
To conclude, this is the moment of truth. America is teetering on a precipice. Citizens who stand for freedom, equality and prosperity should vote Democrat. If you have been a Trumpian but now have a nagging feeling of disgust, follow the first step of all recovery programmes – admit that you have a problem and don’t vote. Even better, jump to Step 12 and vote Democrat.
Roland Watson

Published : November 01, 2018