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Memories of another day

Nov 14. 2018
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By The Nation

Seacon Bangkae brings back the good old days with the new promotion “When We Were Young” harking back to the lives of yesterday through popular toys and collectibles, old school books and an exhibition telling stories of the old days.

“When We Were Young”, which runs from Friday through November 25 in the shopping centre’s main atrium, will show how youngsters of school age spent their days 50 years ago. 

Visitors can see replicas of a classroom full of old study tables and chairs, as well as a blackboard and chalk sticks; a library full of old lesson books; a canteen where holetype lunch trays were used in the old days; a playground where children gathered before morning assembly; and snack vendors in front of school,” says Rossaporn Khiewwan.

The highlight is the Sanam Luang flea market where teenagers flocked every weekend and where bicycles of all sizes were available for rent by the hour. Kids used the area to fly kites while older shoppers would head to the community flea market on the canal.

Enjoy shopping for once popular toys and collectibles that are rare to find these days, such as models of Government Savings Bank’s piggy banks that were given out on Children’s Day only, oldday school books, popular toys that were sold in front of schools and toys that were given out for free with a shoe purchase.

The exhibition that tells stories of important locations in the past, such as Coliseum Cinema, Chalerm Khet Cinema, Sala Chalermthai Cinema and Nailert buses.

And don’t miss “Plays in the past”, which showcases fun activities that have all but disappeared including the rubber band jump rope, Mak kep (tossing pebble and picking sticks), Tang tay (hopscotch), pitch and toss, blowing oilbased clay, blowing rubber bands, Pop Pop boats, string figures and board games such as Monopoly and Snakes and Ladders. You can have a go at them every day from noon to 1.30pm, 2.30 to 4pm and 5.30 to 7pm.

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