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Stolen US election might be its last

Nov 15. 2018
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Dr Frank rails against “HHB”, whoever that is. Maybe Trump? He says that common sense has returned to the electorate and implies Trump and his supporters tried to steal the election. What is his evidence?

The evidence points to the Democrats, who seem to have stolen the House of Representatives through ballot manipulation. What’s going on now is that, all over the US, people are “finding” new ballots and demand that these be counted. In nearly every case the ballots for the Democrats outnumber those for the Republicans by a good margin – a coincidence, of course.

There was an affidavit filed by a Florida campaign worker saying that she saw a room where dozens of people were marking new ballots. And boxes of “uncounted” ballots are being found all over the country. And elections are being reversed where Republicans initially won. 

And then there were dozens of reports that people who voted in voting machines for a straight Republican ticket and who checked their ballots found that several Democrats had been marked instead.

The US probably hasn’t had a fair election in many years and this steal sounds the death knell of its democracy, since Trump seems strangely passive and cannot or will not interfere. 

James Coughlin 

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