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Blame and shame Israel for the appalling way it treats Thai workers

Nov 25. 2018
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I call readers’ attention to the shocking new BBC documentary “Who cares about Israel’s Thai workers?” (November 23).

This is an immense tragedy: some 122 Thai workers have died in Israel since 2012 due to inhumane working circumstances!

I would also ask whether your quality newspaper is following up on this matter – on the unbelievable horror of Thai workers’ treatment on farms in “God’s own country”?

Your media group could, in my humble view, play an important role in stopping this utterly disgusting treatment of Thais (and other Asians) in yet another Middle East country where the indigenous population find themselves better off than anybody else – and treat others accordingly.

This can never be allowed, and any country that keeps silent when Thais, or others, are treated like this is also guilty. Israel should be exposed, blamed and shamed.

Whatever the official lies or government twists, The Nation’s investigative journalists could expose the truth, as they have done before.

Jos van Noord

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