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Like all utopias, veganism is destructive

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Re: “Mother Nature robbed and assaulted in other ways too”, Have Your Say, December 3.



Diane Cornelius seeks the end of the Thai silk industry, which means she wants to destroy the livelihoods of many people in Thailand, particularly those on lower incomes living in rural areas, who weave the fabulous silks which are one of the glories of Thailand’s cultural heritage. 
Furthermore, the range of culinary delights which these activists would seek to deny us continues to grow. Now it’s honey they want to ban. Actually, responsible beekeepers don’t “rob” the worker bees of their honey – they always leave enough in the hive for the colony, for obvious reasons. It is also worth pointing out that one of the “unhealthy mono-culture crops” to which beehives are being transported for pollination purposes are the vast, water-guzzling almond plantations in drought-stricken California, established to meet the growing demand from vegans and vegetarians for almond milk. These are people who say they want to “save the planet”. Crazy, but true.
Some of the ideas touted by these activists really are harebrained, although perhaps I shouldn’t use that word in case they take offence. Academics in the UK are now saying that phrases such as “bringing home the bacon” and “grabbing a bull by the horns” should no longer be used so as to avoid upsetting vegans and vegetarians. Are these folks so sensitive? I don’t lose any sleep over Eric Bahrt’s ridiculous slurs.
Robin Grant

Published : December 05, 2018