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A dietary cure for the philosophically challenged

Dec 16. 2018
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Re: “What is to be gained from demonising gay people?”, Have Your Say, December 14.

Is it a dietary deficiency that causes Eric Bahrt to misinterpret a philosophical statement, to distort it, weaponise it, personalise it and hurl the resulting piece of excrement into the face of its proponent?

He should recognise by now that I am a staunch libertarian, John Stuart Mill is my hero, and I certainly do not “demonise gay people”, some of whom are among my closest friends, any more than anti-Islam activist, Tommy Robinson, demonises Muslims. It’s not the people, it’s the ideology, Eric. And when a movement or religion is captive to an ideology that has metamorphosed into a tyranny, I’m sorry, mate, but I’m going to blow a whistle.

I do not demonise vegetarians either, despite the perpetual, holier-than-thou earache that we have to endure, but I can’t help feeling that poor Eric would be a happier and more loveable chap if he started the day with a bacon butty, enjoyed a fish for lunch (he could call it “Pike”), and finished the day with a juicy steak called Dr Frank.

Nigel Pike

Phang Nga 

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