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The studs of Have Your Say bridle at Miss Universe

Dec 19. 2018
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Re: “The real winner of Miss Universe? The cockroach” and “Forget ‘Miss’ Universe, what about the real girls?”, Have Your Say, December 19.

I didn’t watch the Miss Universe final, but “An Observer (male)” described it so clearly that I almost felt like I was there – especially when it came to the stock questions that elicited stock answers. They should ask something like: “What do you think about a military coup?”

Meanwhile, Nigel Pike watched the whole thing but admits to preferring a girl with “the smell of fresh-mown grass” with “traces of engine oil under her fingernails”, or girls who can make tom yum and play volleyball (beach volleyball?).

Lemme guess. Both squires are 65 or older. Their comments on Miss Universe sounded like a toothless man condemning a juicy filet mignon while drooling over the thought of mashed potatoes and a bowl of chicken broth.

Welcome to the Mister ED Society (nothing to do with the talking horse).

Somsak Pola

Samut Prakan 

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