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May these wishes come true for Nation readers in 2019 

Jan 01. 2019
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That Diane Cornelius and Jenny Moxham either move to Thailand, or start writing letters to Australian newspapers. Otherwise, have Clara Holzer straighten them out!

That Eric Bahrt not write a letter to an English-language newspaper in the country for one whole month.

That the Lord Jesus Christ, Muhammad and the Buddha simultaneously come down to Earth and talk to a Bangkok Atheist, in order to straighten out his errant ways.

That Andy Leitner converts to Islam.

That both Nigel Pike and Robin Grant dress up as ladyboys.

That Lungstib goes to Chiang Mai immigration and completes all his visa work in less than an hour.

That Julius Caesar Wilcox returns to this space.

That Somsak Pola and Vint Chavala meet one another in person.

That Ye Olde Pedant gets a new dictionary.

That Dr Frank writes something that most of us can understand.

That the Beasleys go on an extended trip and have a lot of fun while doing so. 

If there is anyone else that should be included in the above list but is not, then I truly am sorry.

Anyway, a Happy New Year to you all. 


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