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Contemporary liberals have a ‘daddy’ problem

Jan 03. 2019
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Re: “The US constitution didn’t anticipate a crook like Trump”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

Roland Watson writes a typically liberal hysterical rant, absent of a single supportive fact, labelling Trump supporters with all sorts of derogatory slurs and suggesting Trump intends to destroy US security and the economy because he is an agent of Vladimir Putin. 

One may notice the extraordinary similarity in style and content between his letter, those of Eric Bahrt and the mainstream media. 

Like puppets hypnotised by the likes of liberal news broadcasters Don Lemon and Joe Scarborough, they all somehow suffer this frenzied mania simultaneously. At the root of it, of course, lies a profound fear and projection of the deep-seated childish complaint “you don’t love me” upon the big “daddy” figure they only know from watching television.

There is no rational argument, no reasoned analysis, only an infantile whining meant to call attention to themselves in hopes someone will rush up and coddle them. John F Kennedy did not behave in this manner. It’s time for contemporary liberals to understand themselves and grow up.

Michael Setter

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