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Vegans or no vegans, animals will be off every menu soon

Jan 09. 2019
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After reading this letters page for many years, here are my thoughts on vegans and their beliefs. 

Vegans believe animals have more rights than men because they can’t protect themselves. They believe that humans should be used in medical research instead of animals, and that if men do want to eat meat they should practise cannibalism. 

Vegans easily believe in anything, as long as it gives animal-based food a bad name. They will enthusiastically spread absurd reports that say, for example, “Meat eaters are 90 per cent more likely to die in plane crashes than vegans,” or “A study says meat protein causes impotence and loss of chest hair”. If I claimed to be a geneticist who declared, “A fatty acid in cow milk called cis-12-octadecadienoic definitely causes Down’s syndrome”, Eric Bahrt would whoop it up: “See, meat is bad, even Dr Somsak said so.”

We have heard of animal rights extremists vandalising animal research labs and threatening to kill the scientists and their families. I hope we will never hear of a crazy vegan barging into a steak house and shooting the diners, or throwing a bomb at a fried-chicken joint, or burning down a dairy products factory.

Animal agriculture will eventually be phased out and become illegal, just like slavery, public lynching, and execution by burning at the stake. But it’ll take a century. 

Somsak Pola

Samut Prakan 

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