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Story was as fake as its Vietnam War veteran 

Jan 24. 2019
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Re: Editorial cartoon caricaturing the Covington School students’ confrontation with Native American demonstrator, Opinion, January 23. 

The hatred of Donald Trump is endless, illustrated most recently in the widespread condemnation of honourable schoolboys (actually both black and white) wearing pro-Trump “MAGA” hats and demonstrating peacefully.

The Native American man beating his drum provocatively under the nose of a student from Covington Catholic High School, who maintained his dignity and cool, was totally shameless and frankly disgusting.

At no time had these boys, waiting for their bus to take them back to Connecticut, offered any gesture or word to provoke a black American hate group who were chanting insults and obscenities at them.

The Native American pretending to be a Vietnam veteran is an impostor. Nathan Phillips is indeed a Marines veteran, but too young to have ever been in Vietnam during the war.

Nation cartoonist “Stephff” adds insult by depicting the schoolboys as ants or maybe cockroaches. In fact, we are all just human beings. Black, red, yellow or white, we all are entitled to respect and OUR dignity.


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