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How to make a ‘slow portrait’

Jan 30. 2019
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By The Nation

At Bangkok Design Week 2019 continuing through Sunday at the ATT19 Gallery on Charoen Krung Road Soi 30, Slowmotion Studio is presenting the exhibition “Slow Portrait”.

Slowmotion is widely known for its commercial brand designs. 

The slow portrait is a mixedmedia graphic design of 11 pieces of A1 paper and multiple printing techniques. 

The Slowmotion team – designers, clerks, accountants, managers and security guards – is depicted in selfportraits that emphasise their individual uniqueness. Rather than the usual head and shoulders depiction, the focal point is an enlarged Thai letter within each image representing the self.

In today’s world, a “fast portrait” can happen in a split second with a digital camera. But a slow portrait involves gradually developing an image, piecing together different elements to make a complete whole.

The team members enhanced the images by placing them outdoors and letting them organically transform into something new and distinctive with the help of sunlight, rain and wind. This approach, they believe, is a more subtle and sophisticated way of articulating who they are as individuals.

All the slow portrait are stories in themselves, yet as a whole they also promise unlimited technical and aesthetic possibilities for communicating and telling stories through design.

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