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Poisonous air reveals rot at heart of government  

Jan 31. 2019
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It has been well known for many years that Thailand has a pollution problem. The nation is one of the highest users of poisonous agricultural chemicals.

Poorly regulated mining, industrial and energy sectors pollute the groundwater, air and soil with impunity. There is virtually no regulation on vehicle emissions, while the marine and rail sectors are off the rails when it comes to pollution. This has been going on for as long as anyone can remember. 

The current self-appointed government would have citizens believe they are the best qualified to continue in power. Yet they have done nothing to address this crisis. No long-term planning, nothing to indicate they have even considered actually doing anything except spray drinking water into the air! 

There never was more obvious evidence of the lack of qualification to govern than has been revealed by the poisoning of the air.

Mr M

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