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Beating behavioural ageing

Feb 12. 2019
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By Kupluthai Pungkanon
The Nation

French skincare brand Sisley ups its fight against wrinkles

To fight against the inevitable wrinkles we all experience as we age, much of it caused by our unhealthy behaviour, French skincare expert Sisley Research is kick starting the year with the launch of its new serum Sisleya L’Integral Antiage AntiWrinkle Concentrated Serum. 

“Sisley Research introduced its new Sisleya L’Integral Antiage line back in 2016 when we highlighted the impact of epigenetic factors on the appearance of the signs of ageฌing due to what we call behaviour ageing’. This focused on how our lifestyles and individual environฌments significantly influence the visible signs of skin ageing,” says Nicolas Chesnier, regional managฌing director.

“Since then, every product from this line has harnessed these techฌnological advancements, formulatฌed with a unique combination of key active ingredients – Persian acacia and lindera extracts, and yeast and soy protein complex– that target the cells’ lifecycle, which is to protect during the day and to repair during the night with the right energy and increase cell longevity.”

Last year the premium skincare brand launched, Sisleya L’Integral Antiage Firming Concentrated Serum and has continued its research into epigenetic factors by addressing the very source of behavฌioural ageing.

“Of course, we want to fight wrinฌkles. As we age, the skin loses its elasticity, and wrinkles gradually begin to form. We know about genetic and environmental ageing. But our lifestyle, in particular, is the multiple aggressor of our skin and what we are subjected to on a daily basis degrades the collagen and accelerates the formation of wrinฌkles. Every smile and emotion is slowly etched into our faces until those familiar expression lines start to appear. On top of these is such unhealthy behaviour as smoking, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, not drinking enough of water, and stressful lifestyle.” he notes.

“In 2019, Sisley Research has reached a major turning point in the fight against the visible signs of behavioural ageing. It has succeedฌed in optimising collagen producฌtion directly to help skin become visibly smoother with fewer wrinฌkles,” Chesnier continues. “The key ingredient, porcelain cacao extract, a new Sisley active ingredient, tarฌgets collagen to reawaken and kickstart its synthesis, which are silenced by negative behavioural factors and ageing. Wrinkles are also caused by significant structural and composiฌtional changes inside the dermis, which acts as the skin’s framework.” 

The result is a powerful serum with a comprehensive antiwrinkle action that targets two completely new focuses –reawakening collagen production at its source and regenฌerating the extracellular matrix, that directly influence the producฌtion of collagen, which is essential for smoother skin. The result is a boost in the production of collagen. 

The Sisleya AntiWrinkle Concentrated Serum is absorbed deep into the skin to act on the ExtraCellular Matrix on three levฌels for a comprehensive antiwrinkle action. 

Soy peptide extract boosts the activity of fibroblasts, cells responฌsible for collagen production in the dermis, to increase dermal density and help achieve a powerful global antiwrinkle action. Blue agave yeast extract promotes the syntheฌsis of hyaluronic acid and replenฌishes the skin from within. Skin is hydrated and smoother and wrinฌkles are reduced. White willow leaf extract, which is rich in antioxidant polyphenols, helps to shield the derฌmal fibres from free radicals while slowing down collagen and elastin degradation to give fewer wrinkles. The antifree radical and antioxiฌdant properties of tanninrich roseฌhip extract boost the effects of the white willow leaf extract and proฌtect the skin from oxidative stress caused by factors such as pollution and a stressful lifestyle. Lastly, moisฌturising and softening Iris extract inhibits hyaluronidase activity (an enzyme that breaks down hyaluronฌic acid). It works to protect the hyaluronic acid, the synthesis of which has already been boosted by the blue agave yeast extract.

Sisleya L’Integral Antiage AntiWrinkle Concentrated Serum can be found at Sisley counters in all leading department stores.


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