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How to spot a Chinese government agent

Feb 13. 2019
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Paul is quite right to suspect that Mr Stianrapapongs may be an agent of the Chinese government. It is well known that for various reasons, a large population of agents acting on behalf of China operate in every corner of the globe.

They use “astroturfing” (disguising their message so it appears to come from the grass roots), media propagandising, and a wide variety of persuasive methods to prop up China’s image. Of course there is a second class of agents who function as true spies and are instrumental in facilitating technology theft, infiltration of foreign military, government and financial operations and influencing elections (something considered a Western perversion). 

Amusingly enough, when appearing in publications such as this they stand out like a sore dim sum. The next generation will surely be more difficult to recognise.

Michael Setter

Chon Buri

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