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For independent evidence of China’s Muslim gulags, try here 

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Re: “Show us the evidence that China has imprisoned one million Muslims,” Have Your Say, yesterday.



I agree with Yingwai Suchaovanich that not every pro-China writer is necessarily a spy. A writer might be pro-China for many reasons, not the least of which might be his own ethnicity. 
What intrigues me is Yingwai’s demand for proof that China has interned a million Uighurs for “re-education”. To get such proof, you’d have to go to Xinjiang, find the camps, and personally count the resident Uighurs. Even if you could manage this, presumably without the enthusiastic cooperation of the local police, you’d drop dead of exhaustion before you could count a fraction of the internees.
Happily, by a serendipitous coincidence, there is an article by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Anne Applebaum juxtaposed directly above the “Have Your Say” column that features Yingwai’s letter. Titled “In China, ‘Never Again’ is happening again”, it offers impressive documentation of the “camps where at least 1 million Uighurs undergo forced indoctrination designed to eradicate their language and culture”. 
Obviously it was impossible for Yingwai to read this article at the time he wrote his letter, because it hadn’t been published yet. But I urge him now to do so, and, if necessary to check the sources Applebaum cites. Her article may not provide enough documentation to satisfy Yingwai, but it sure satisfies me. 
S Tsow

Published : February 18, 2019