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Verdict already in on Tiananmen: Army guilty of mass murder

Feb 18. 2019
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Re: “Show us the evidence that China has imprisoned one million Muslims,” Have Your Say, yesterday.

Yingwai Suchaonavich is, by now, well-known to Nation readers as an apologist for oppressive, democracy-averse regimes and by implication their Ministries of Truth. The latest shrill, dissembling outburst from this contributor informs us that any “false” accusation, any “”false” information – notice the pattern emerging here? – is closely allied to the combination of “ignorance” and “bigotry”. Trumpian “fake news”, no doubt. Perhaps, and in order to establish and qualify his Orwellian version of “truth”, this writer may wish to explain what is meant by the use of “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq, and by whom. 

What we have here is cynical Goebbels-esque rhetoric. 

Placing these wormtongue evasions to one side, let us now take a look at what is real and on the verifiable record. The intention here is to put this transparent propaganda into context. Take Tiananmen Square: we are told by this writer that “history will give a verdict”. Given the elapse of 30 years or so since that atrocity, history is here now. The proven verdict? Mass murder of unarmed civilians by the Chinese “People’s” Army for the “crime” of peacefully demanding democracy. 

Scrutinising an even longer timeframe of historical fact, we have the Anschluss of Tibet to contemplate. Now coming forward to the evolving question of history, we have the one-party Communist PRC bullying the people of Taiwan, whose only apparent “crime” is a desire to pursue democratic pluralism, and determine their own future themselves. In keeping with his admitted comedic submission, perhaps Suchaonovich might like to laugh all that off, too.

All that said I suggest that readers return to this page on a daily basis, as there will certainly be yet more Machiavellian attempts to rewrite history, in pernicious defence of monolithic authoritarianism and its mendacious outriders.

Dr Frank


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