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Arbitrary rules trigger nightmares for Immigration officials, expats  

Feb 19. 2019
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How ironic it is that big men in uniform, sitting in big offices, being given big amounts of baht for their supposed “work”, can at a moment’s notice immediately affect the lives of expats here.

An extremely short notice was given to expats by the Immigration Bureau saying that embassy letters regarding monthly income will no longer be accepted. 

This short notice is causing problems for many expats and possibly for many Immigration officials too. Now, it seems, again on a day’s notice, an ID will have to be shown at BTS stations in order to top up cards. Think of the queues that will create. 

Who thinks up these rules? Do they ever think of the consequences? Yet, flagrant abuse such as undeclared luxury watches, poaching of endangered species, the Red Bull heir, and the failure to nab fugitive public figures get swept under the carpet. 

Unwitting victim

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