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Time to stop this tirade against Muslims

Feb 22. 2019
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Re: “Why China is right to tame its supremacist Muslim minority”, Have Your Say, February 21

Somsak Pola wants us to name one non-Muslim country where the Muslims have assimilated. Has he ever heard of the United States, which has 3.5 million Muslims, who with rare exceptions, live peacefully with non-Muslims?

Although most people in Malaysia are Muslim, they are a minority in Penang and live in perfect harmony with Hindus, Buddhists and Christians. 

Pick up the book “The Myth of the Muslim Tide” by Doug Saunders and you’ll see many examples of Muslims assimilating well in non-Muslim countries. I’ve seen it first hand. 

Only a bigot would make no distinction between secular or moderate Muslims and Islamic extremists.

Eric Bahrt

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