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Another day in Thailand, another child attacked by dogs

Feb 25. 2019
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Re: “Three-year-old seriously injured in second attack by pack of dogs in two days”, National, February 22.

How many more attacks before something is done? This was the second attack on a child reported in two days. Sadly, dog attacks are a daily occurrence throughout the country.

In this latest case we see the usual stance of a dog owner – blame the victim. What is going to happen to these vile, worthless and dangerous vermin? They should be destroyed immediately, along with any other dogs in the area. An even better response would be to destroy the perverted owners as well, since they are beneath contempt.

There is no reason or excuse for keeping dogs. They have no place in civil society. It is long overdue for them to be completely eliminated. Let’s start with these ones.

Enough of dogs

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