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Shameless farang still praising colonial thuggery

Feb 28. 2019
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Re: “The free world owes Britain a huge debt”, Have Your Say, February 27.

Al in Thailand claims that being colonised by Britain saved more than 100 countries from communist rule, but he ignores the abysmal suffering these colonies bore. How many lives were lost, how many raped, how many millions were poisoned (especially by opium), under British rule? Did they really gain something from being colonised and “saved” from communism? The people of the richest country (and biggest debtor) in the free world are free to kill 40,000 compatriots annually (see “Official US statistics reveal America’s real emergencies” in another letter on Wednesday). Meanwhile India, the largest free country by population, cannot feed and clothe half of its population, fills trains to the roof, and has a horrendous recorded monthly rate of gang rapes. 

In contrast the largest communist country, China, has transitioned from starvation to plenty and has constructed an extensive high-speed rail network serving 1.3 billion people. It owns a space station and the fastest computer in the world, technology that also enables the government to monitor “bad guys” and ban them from causing trouble for more than one billion “good” citizens. Beijing-appointed bishops have never molested any children, while thousands of clergy appointed by the Vatican have molested hundreds (or thousands) of children over the past few decades. Farang can fool themselves, but they cannot fool the whole world today. We Asian people know how much our ancestors were bullied by your ancestors. Colonialism is thuggery not contribution. Shame on U(K)!

Prasan Stianrapapongs


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